20 years in the making!

Founded in 2011 and established under the Pakistan Copyright Ordinance [1962], COMP was launched under a directive of The Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO), the country's central Intellectual Property Authority, and is mandated by the Government of Pakistan to function as Pakistan's first performing rights society.

Endorsed by the All Music Pakistan Performers Society (AMPPS), the largest body of Artistes and Music Authors in Pakistan, and provided for under Section 32 of the Copyright Ordinance of Pakistan 1962, COMP is entrusted with handling the outsourced function of intellectual rights management on behalf of its members. As per the Copyright Ordinance, content creators MUST be justly compensated for the usage of their content during broadcast programming and public performances. Any violation or infringement of copyright is subject to up to three years imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 100,000/- As COMP Members, content users and content producers (owners) are able to secure each other’s services under the single banner of a PRS.


1996 – The initial idea to setup a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) is proposed by music industry related executives, a week before a seminar is held in Karachi by WIPO on the TRIPS treaties, in November 1996.

2000 – Evaluation visit conducted by WIPO and CISAC. The initial evaluation of the trip surmised that the size of the broadcast market was too under developed to support a sustainable PRS. However, it was concluded that the situation deserved further study.

2005 –The Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO) is established and initiates the upgrade of of copyright laws and administrative framework, for IP compliance in the country..

2007 –The IPO establishes contact with industry individuals to conduct a series of workshops on IP strategy, enforcement and legislative issues to strive for compliance of WTO/TRIPS tenets.

2009 – The IPO asks key music industry officials to carry out a study to form a PRS, under the IPO’s patronage with guidance from WIPO/CISAC.

2010 – Karachi, 28th October 2010 – Then presiding Director General of IPO Pakistan, Mr. Khalid Bukhari officially announces the formation of the CMO shell, pending further tweaks and modifications.

2012 – At the guidance and request of the IPO, AMPPS featuring more than 140 top grade professional music personalities, is invited to join hands with COMP and seek representation on its council.

2013 – Subsequent to further mentoring, the existing structure and work methodology of COMP was approved and given the go-ahead to start functioning as a fully compliant Collecting Society.

2016—Currently COMP is in the process of securing an agreement with the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), the largest body of TV and Radio stations in the country. Reciprocal agreements either via CISAC or through independent societies will also be sought, specifically in territories where the Pakistan’s indigenous languages are present.