About COMP

Collective Organisation for Music Rights in Pakistan (Guarantee) Limited - (COMP), is the official Performing Rights Society (PRS) of the country. Bound by its mandate to promote and protect the value of music copyright, COMP is a government sanctioned collective management organisation, tasked with the non-exclusive administration of specifically assigned rights subsisting in the musical works of its members.

What is a Performing Rights Society or Collective Management Organisation?

As a songwriter, composer, author, producer, performer or publisher of any form of original creative music content, you have exclusive rights over your work from the moment it is created. The creator of any work maintains the right to allow or prohibit the use of any of such works. Owners of the original creative content can exercise their rights in person, however, individual management of rights is practically impossible for certain types of use. An artiste would find it extremely taxing to contact every single radio or television station to negotiate licences and remuneration for the use of his works. Conversely, it is neither practical for a broadcast organisation to seek specific permission from every performer for the use of their copyrighted work. The difficulty of managing these activities individually - both for the rights’ owner and  end users creates a need for Collective Management Organisations or Performing Rights Societies. These organisations ensure that creators receive compensation every time their work is used by streamlining the licensing and royalty collection/distribution processes.