Why Join COMP ?

Organisations like COMP exist in approximately 120 countries across the globe. COMP has signed reciprocal agreements with many of them, allowing us to license the use of music controlled by those organisations in Pakistan, as well as issue licences for the usage of indigenous product abroad.

The individual management of rights is practically impossible for certain types of usage. An author cannot contact every single radio or television station to negotiate licences and remuneration for the use of his works. Conversely, nor is it practical for a broadcasting organization to seek specific permission from every author for the use of every copyrighted work. The difficulty of managing these activities individually - both for rights' owners and end-users creates a need for Collective Management Organisations or Performing Rights Societies like COMP. COMP ensures that content creators receive payment every time their work is used and that they are justly compensated when their original content is broadcast, performed or otherwise publicly disseminated.

COMP is entrusted with handling the outsourced function of intellectual propert rights management by:

  • selling (licensing) non-exclusive licences to end users
  • monitoring use of member’s content
  • collecting royalties from end users
  • distributing collected royalties amongst rightful owners and content creators
  • entering into reciprocals with other collecting societies – for overseas collection / distribution on behalf of local talent
  • enforcing and managing reciprocal rights within Pakistan
  • negotiating license fees for broadcast, public performance and reproduction of music
  • acting as a lobbying interests group