Do I need a Licence?

If music is played within your business premises for customers or staff; for example, through radio, TV, CD, MP3, online streaming or live performances, it is considered a ‘Public Performance’. The Copyright Ordinance [1962] requires any such usage to be licensed on behalf of the original rights owner / copyright holder to ‘perform’ said music in public.

Similarly if you are a broadcaster making music available to the public via Television, Radio, or the Internet you are required to acquire a licence in order to legally broadcast copyright content as per the PEMRA Licensing rules and the PEMRA Ordinance.

Our licensing is flexible and covers the vast majority of commercial music originating from Pakistan. Through our international affiliations we are also authorised to license music usage on behalf of a large repertoire of global musicians.

Please note, if you play music that is outside of COMP’s control, you may need an additional licence from the relevant copyright owner(s).